Thursday, September 25

Too Early In the Damn Morning.

Here I sit, drinking a Dew, smoking too many cigarettes, trying to wake up, and watching the dog lick her crotch. After mulling this over, in my still sleep-induced state, I have decided that its a good thing women cannot lick their own vulva. If we could, we would do it a whole lot fucking better than any man ever could. And then men would become obsolete.

We also would do it way too fucking often and run the risk of becoming addicted. And that would mean "trying to quit having sex in an unhealthy and addicted manner" which would eventually lead to some idiotic crap like "Sex Addicts Anonymous." Which is actually just a smoldering pile of hot, stinky bullshit. No one forces someone to have sex all the time, thats just crap. Its a "legal" way to cheat - "Oh, I can't help myself, I'm a sex addict, blah, blah, fucking blah. Don't fuck anyone. Now you're no longer addicted. I've cured you. Now give me $450 and run along.

All those idiotic "anonymous" groups are a bunch of bullshit. You replace your old addiction with your new addiction, "group meetings." Gotta get there on time, gotta do 10 meetings this week, gotta go here and do that and say this stuff and learn this bullshit and and and and and...........

It's real fucking simple people. Just say fucking no. Addicted to tobacco? Don't fucking buy any. Addicted to alcohol or drugs? Don't fucking buy any. I'm addicted to both. Do I quit? Hell no. Why? Because I simply do not want to quit.

Another of my little turds of truth. Face reality you fat lazy bastards. Don't blame your "addiction" crap on anyone or anything else other than your lazy-ass selves. I was a heroin addict once-upon-a-time. Was. Not "recovering, " just no longer buying it and using it. Yes, it IS that fucking Simple. (Bet that pisses a few people right off. Good. It should.)

Ah, but I'm rambling....this all started with the dogs crotch. All dogs eat pussy. If a cat does it, is that considered pussy on pussy action? Ohh ...scary, its too fucking early to get that deep.

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