Friday, October 31

My Halloween Shit is Better Than Yours

I have candy.
I have asses.
I have costumes.
I have jokes.
Basically, I'm so fucking brilliant
I have it ALL!
After all that,
Join me on a walk down memory lane,
to the memories of MY childhood Trick or Treating!

Best Costume Ever!

Best Punkin Butt!

Some funny stuff.

This was my absolutely very bestest
mostest wonderfulest
halloween treat ever ever ever.

Popcorn balls.

Ahhh Childhood.

Begin Memory Lane.

If you close your eyes,

You can smell these masks, can't you?

Back when you got GOOD prizes inside.

This man was a hottie back in the day.

The Scariest Fucking Game Ever.

The Scary Music

The Candy Bag

Stop stealing all your kid's candy.

Thursday, October 30

A Day Late As Usual - Listen Up.

Yeah I'm a day late on this, but fuck that, its still important.
Give every human being the right to marry.
If YOU don't agree with that, go fuck yourself -
Leave this blog and never come back.
Election Day is next week people.
Don't be small minded.
Support marriage equality
for same-sex couples

CALIFORNIA: Vote No on 8
FLORIDA: Vote No on 2
ARIZONA: Vote No on 102
CONNECTICUT: Vote No on Question 1
ARKANSAS: Vote No on Act 1

You don't have to be gay or lesbian to support this cause.
You just need to be human.
Stand the fuck up and be counted.
Do what's right for a change.
Make a fucking difference.

Tuesday, October 28

Tuesday's Weird Shit

My new "Tuesday thing"
is going to be sharing weird crap
That I have found
while searching for "normal" things.
Share the Wealth I Say.
Hmm.. its the bottle I wonder about.

Poor thing.

Below -
Just a quick thought.

Even animals have threesomes. Cool.
For the weekend do-it-yourselfer.

Sadly, I missed this day 2-1/2 years ago.
Maybe next time.

How come women don't get games like this?

Yeah, bang, bang.

Thats just, well, sick.

It's the truth.

You can count on me for more shit tomorrow.
Fucking brilliant as always.

Monday, October 27

Monday's Marathon of Malarkey

I've discovered some really shitty book and magazine covers, titles, etc.
They run the gamut from balls, to Hondas, to ovaries.
Tell me these don't amuse you to no end as well?

I'm off to scour my brain for new and exciting post topics.
Suggestions are always welcome.
Give me a topic and I shall do my utmost best
to titilate and amuse.
After all,
I am fucking brilliant.

Sunday, October 26

Sunday's Poll and Other Nonsensical Nonsense

I've set up a poll. (See -------->).
Its anonymous dummies.
You don't have to comment,
but you can least fucking vote.
Don't forget I'm fucking Brilliant as always.
And now, for other amusements: