Thursday, October 30

A Day Late As Usual - Listen Up.

Yeah I'm a day late on this, but fuck that, its still important.
Give every human being the right to marry.
If YOU don't agree with that, go fuck yourself -
Leave this blog and never come back.
Election Day is next week people.
Don't be small minded.
Support marriage equality
for same-sex couples

CALIFORNIA: Vote No on 8
FLORIDA: Vote No on 2
ARIZONA: Vote No on 102
CONNECTICUT: Vote No on Question 1
ARKANSAS: Vote No on Act 1

You don't have to be gay or lesbian to support this cause.
You just need to be human.
Stand the fuck up and be counted.
Do what's right for a change.
Make a fucking difference.

2 Snappy Comebacks:

rd said...

"better late than never."

my motto in bed, as well.

Poobomber said...

Canada agrees!

Well, one person in Canada. Think they'd notice if I sneak across the border and vote?