Sunday, December 7

Random Fuck Fingers

I always try to take the road less traveled.
Its much more interesting.
I do the same while traveling around on the internet.
I look for the places less traveled.
And when I find them, I roll around in them
until their stink is all over my body.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Some of you might actually know what I mean by that.
The rest of you, sadly, are missing out on a grand portion of life.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Today I offer you what I like to call
"Random Fuck Fingers."
I do not know these people.
I just ran across all of them on the web,
offering a finger or two
for my viewing pleasure.
You decide what they mean:
Fuck you,
Fuck off,
Fuck me I'm cool,
Fuck this,
Fuckin' A,
Fuck off and Die,
Et Cetera

I have more.
I'll bring them tomorrow.
If I find you deserving that is.
Time to worship your Queen know you want to.
Surely you haven't forgotten
That I am the Queen of the Universe?
Perish the thought.

Thursday, December 4

Thursday's Fuck-Ups

Yet even more self descriptive photos of
failings, fuck ups and failures.
I'd do a caption contest but everyone does those
and I am SO not a fucking follower.
Do enjoy these.
I work hard, so you don't have to.
Lazy bastards.

As ever...I leave you
slack-jawed and
in compete and utter adoration
of my fucking brilliance.

Tuesday, December 2

Tuesday's Fuck-Ups

Again, I offer self-explanatory photos.
Go on, be amused.
You know you wanna!

Hot Damn....
I am STILL fucking Brilliant!
You bet your sweet patootie I am!