Thursday, December 4

Thursday's Fuck-Ups

Yet even more self descriptive photos of
failings, fuck ups and failures.
I'd do a caption contest but everyone does those
and I am SO not a fucking follower.
Do enjoy these.
I work hard, so you don't have to.
Lazy bastards.

As ever...I leave you
slack-jawed and
in compete and utter adoration
of my fucking brilliance.

5 Snappy Comebacks:

justjock said...

what a little forkface crybaby.

Dog Breath said...

A. You use a spoon to do coke.

B. You don't get Ice that way, just babies.

C. You don't scan a mirror, you scan your own photograph.

D. It wasn't an accident, she hated you.

E. "You can go home early today if you run out of paint in the truck".

F. It's a warning and a fortune cookie.

G. Why is there only one guy looking out for air assault?

H. That baby is too young to get the emotional benefit of rebirthing.

I. The camera is showing the back of the monitor. This was the first attempt at the video mirror above.

J. It's his Girlfriend but his room mate co-signed the loan.

Just Sayin' said...

Someone got a little over-zealous while picking their nose...

rusty said...

Wow! These are just absolutely wrong haha!

Harsh Reality said...

I see that about 70% of the content of this blog is pictures that you've ripped off from Fail blog.

You think you deserve the "Best New Blog" nomination?

I don't.