Saturday, May 9

Sad Little Fuckers, Aren't They?

I've got this Feedjit thingamabob on my blog. It tells me when you all visited, where you visited from, and how you got here - direct link, photo search, google phrase/word search, etc.

The current top link that people visit from is 2008 Weblog Awards - Yes my dear sweet children, yours truly was a finalist in the "Best New Blog" category. Eat your little motherfucking hearts out.

The top photo search that brings the world to my blog is for "Merkins." (See Sunday Brunch and Pubic Decor)

I now will share with you, the top "phrases/words" that bring people to my fucking blog when they do a google search.


1. "Want Fuck."
2. "Fuck fingers."
3. "Famous fuckups."
4. "Fuck off and die."
5. "Fucked up."
6. "Fuck you."
7. "Fuck it."
8. "Fuck me."

You'll notice of course that each one contains the word fuck.

My goal was to get everyone to use the word fuck more often.

My work here is done.

Wednesday, May 6

Yeah Fuck You...I'm Not Dead Yet

I was away from the blogworld again,
participating in a myriad of family events
that lead to the day of my son-in-laws departure
for Afghanistan
with the USMC.
He left last week.
Semper Fi.
Here is a synopsis of that time:
Community Picnic with Main Course being roast pig.
The neighbors took their pot-belly pig to said pig-pickin.
Yes, the pig ate pig.

A photo of my grandson and son-in-law playing during the community picnic.

Same son-in-law, family going-away-party, ice cream cake frosting on face.
Makes you feel just a bit safer, huh?
One of our dogs, Nala, partaking of a massive bone.

Meet my granddaughter, Harlo.
She is still being processed.
She is due to arrive in early August.
Son-in-laws wife,
grandson's mother,
granddaughter's mother,
and my oldest baby.

For all of you who hoped it, wished it, and prayed for it,
Fuck you, I'm still here and didn't die.
I'm still fucking brilliant as well.
Lest any of you forget.