Tuesday, December 2

Tuesday's Fuck-Ups

Again, I offer self-explanatory photos.
Go on, be amused.
You know you wanna!

Hot Damn....
I am STILL fucking Brilliant!
You bet your sweet patootie I am!

8 Snappy Comebacks:

justjock said...

whore children. heh.

and I don't suppose the photographer who shot the cow, bothered to remove the damned toy from it's head.

yeah, i'm in a pissy mood. i'm gonna go fold a coin and shove it somewhere.

Dog Breath said...

If someone is strong enough to fold coins with their fingers, I suggest you don't tell them what to do.

Just Sayin' said...

That cow is just misunderstood... That's a helmet.

Safety first!

Sassy said...

The 3 of you have just totally cracked me up.

Its very rare that that happens.

Its now a very memorable day.

I thank each and every one of you.

David said...

These are a riot. Thanks

Dr. Tundra said...

I'm just glad I visited Plymouth BEFORE they decided to make it so authentic.

justjock said...

history so close, you'll swear it's ridin' your ass. suhweeeet. don't you love history?

LOBO said...

Those were great, but the sponge windshield wiper totally slayed ... thanks for the "LOL"!!!