Sunday, November 30

Sunday's Fuck-Ups

These photos are self-explanatory.
If by some slim chance you cannot grasp the concept,
Remove yourself
from my blog
Immediately if not sooner
you idiot.

4 Snappy Comebacks:

Poobomber said...

The guy in the bra made me feel like punching my own eyeballs out.

Just Sayin' said...

Why does a $10 hand job FAIL?

I'd say that's pretty sweet... Honey I'll be back I'm going to get the car washed.

rusty said...

Omg that shit is so awesome! Those things kill me!!!

justjock said...

since when is a handjob at a car wash considered a fail?

i consider it good service.

as for the door to nowhere: i have dreams like that. open a door and nothing is there to lead you down to safety...away from the thousands of snakes slithering toward you.