Wednesday, November 26

My Thanksgiving Shit is Better Than Yours, As Usual

In honor of Thanksgiving day (November 27, 2008)
I bring you more shit I found on the web...
Becauses its my job
and I do it Fucking Brilliantly.

We all have that certain family member, don't we?

This is exactly how I picture ALL of YOU -
men and women alike...

The truth hurts, doesn't it?

All you anti-immigration bastards,
pay fucking attention:
Welcome to The Glorious Southern US -
where Redneck Holidays Abound.

I did a search for "Turkey Shit"
and found a photo of
a Turkey Shitting.
I'm lucky that way.
More Southern Redneck Holiday Extravaganzas.

These poor animals should be
taken away from their idiotic owners.
But it is kinda cutesy.

Stupid humor for those of you who are rather stupid.
See, I think of everyone.

This makes no sense to me.
It could be amusing.
If by chance it makes sense to one of you,
Do not bother to enlighten me.
I don't fucking care.

Thanksgiving Cartoon Porn
For all my gay visitors.
See, I do think of everything.
I'm brilliant like that.

Don't move or the blue faced turkey gets it.

I hardly think this is amusing anymore...
but again, I include things for those
not so smart visitors I have.
You know I mean you.

How to threaten a potato and mean it.

This is not me.
However, I absofuckinglutely NEED this apron.

Some morons play with their food
way too fucking much.

Poor white trash Thanksgiving Meal.

Turkey as a sex object.
Sick minded people.

Another one for the stupid people.
What the fuck is the mustard for?

Happy happy.

How is it possible I've missed this festival all these years??

And, last but not least....

Happy T-Day All.

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Needless To Say said...

I'm devastated to have missed the testicle festival.