Monday, October 20

Monday is Fuck Mania Day!

I will be gifting all of you
with a wide variety of uses for the word FUCK.
Because you lazy ass bastards,
You need to learn to be a bit more fucking creative
with your use of the word fuck.
Take insults for instance.
I'm mean for fucks sake,
play around,
try something new -
Dare to be FUCKING different.
The same tedious shitty insults
are becoming more and more passe as time passes.
Consider this a public service -
or a broadening of your horizons -
or, quite simply, the fact that
EVERYTHING is simply more fun to say
when you add the word FUCK.
Pay attention.
There will be a fucking test.

Now then,
I hope you've learned some new
and more creative ways to use the word fuck.
If not:

We ALL know that I'm fucking brilliant.
But, just in case you didn't fucking realize it,
the following applies as well.
As a parting gift,
for you ladies and cross dressers out there,
try a pair of these on tonight
To spice up your fucking.

For all you visitors who don't fucking comment,
Feel free to say howdy for fucks sake.
Do I have to fucking do everything?
(Practice your new found creativity on me!)

2 Snappy Comebacks:

rd said...

is "fuck you" or "get fucked" an insult? because, truly, it seems more like a friendly howdy do.

don't we all want to get fucked?

if someone says 'fuck you' to me...shouldn't the reply be 'name the time and place?'

and, though, the word fuck and any variation thereof, is a fav, my most wonderful, delightful and hardon-inducing word is "cunt."

i love how guttural it sounds and most of all I love how it pisses off every fucking woman i know.

Sassy said...

I'm a woman you know, and it doesn't piss me off. Did I burst your little bubble?

My husband likes a British comedian named Roy "Chubby" Brown - he says cunt alot - pronounced coont. You'd like him. (His info is on Wikipedia).

Now piss off.