Thursday, October 2

The Recovery Process Has Been Slow...

I have this computer desk, the kind that has a shelf way up above it. I have cats. They love to climb up on that high shelf and sleep. It's Monday morning....damn early. I'm not fully awake and functional. I get my Dew, light my cigarette, turn on the computer. Then, I hear the very beginnings of that dreaded noise cats make prior to vomiting. I jump up, reach for the cat high upon the shelf and realize I am too late. I received my very first cat-vomit shower. It covered the keyboard, the mouse, my clothing, my chair, the desk, the floor, and the unfortunate dog.

And so I cleaned.

By midday Monday, I had begun to realize that my face was swelling. My tooth was abscessing. By night time, my cheek and jawline from my bottom lip to my ear was all swollen. It hurt to eat and it hurt to talk. i was disfigured, miserable, and bitchy. I took medication.

Sometime that evening, my back began to ache (from the cat vomit cleaning I'm sure). By bedtime, I could no longer stand fully upright and had to walk around the house holding on to various objects. The cats tried to trip me and the dogs tried to knock me down. I farted when I coughed. I ached and whined. I used a heating pad and took more medications.

It is Thursday now. I'm still hunched over with a swollen face. My eye was swollen shut one morning. I am disfigured and imperfect. I'm still taking medications.

I expect you will commiserate, laugh, cry, nod in agreement. If not, fuck off. It's my day to whine and I'm gonna do it til the cows come home.

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