Tuesday, September 2

Everywhere You Look, Its One Idiot After Another

I'm wondering just how fucking desperate one must be, to want to fuck an animal. Any animal fuckers out there want to answer this ?

Got a man lives in the area who was caught fucking sheep about 20 years ago. Hes still know as "The Sheep Fucker." Wonder if that lovely tidbit will also be on his headstone. "Here lies John Doe, Father, Husband, Grandfather, Sheep Fucker." Once you get caught, no one forgets.

Got another man in the area, caught fucking a pig maybe 10 years back. Hes the Pig Fucker to everyone now. I wonder why a pig and not sheep?

Read about a man who got caught fucking a fish he caught. I understand when you fuck sheep and pigs you do it in their ass. The Fish Fucker must have wanted a cold wet blow job. It is illegal to fuck a fish IF you caught if first? Do you still cook it after? Maybe the fish actually sucks you off.

You never read about women getting caught having animals fuck them. They make movies with women being fucked by all sorts of animals, but theres money involved there.

Fucking idiots.

2 Snappy Comebacks:

Anonymous said...

hey, a hole is a hole.


Sassy and Bitchy said...

You do realize you'll forever be known as the Frog Fucker now don't you? Slimey bastard.