Monday, September 1

Little Turds of Truth

I got my ass beat rather often as a child. I hated it. I was supposed to hate it. If I didn't want my ass beat, I changed my behavior or learned not to get fucking caught. I, in turn, beat my children's asses when needed. They didn't die. They aren't scarred. They are not in therapy. They are perfectly normal.

What the fuck is wrong with parents of young children these days?

Everywhere I go I see demanding, whining, screaming, 2 and 3 year old fuck monkeys who run entire families. By the time they are 7, 10 and 13 I want to reach out and strangle them where they stand.

These fucking kids are allowed to decide where, when, and what meals will be eaten. They decide their own bedtimes. They pick and choose their own toys and clothing (and dress and look like morons). They are catered to and pandered to and mollycoddled and never-no-not-ever punished.

So tell me something dipshits - WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? Have you lost your fucking minds? Here's a little turd of truth for you - NO ONE CAN STAND YOUR CHILD. Whiny, pissy-assed little bitches and bastards no one wants around. Start being a fucking parent instead of a "friend" and raise the little fuckers right - before they grow up and someone else kills them.

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Anonymous said...

so, are you telling me that it's NOT just beaners who let the kids run the whole show?

of course, i have to admire their initiative. they shove the brats in a slimy pool or mop bucket, let 'em die and then claim it was a horrible accident.

janitor of love