Tuesday, August 26

Movie Crap

I watch a lot of movies. I'm just one of those lucky bitches with extra time on my hands. Last night we watched "War, Inc," with the Cusacks, Ben Kingsley, Marisa Tomei, and a suprisingly older Hilary Duff. Apparently Hilary grew up while I was watching different movies. Shes not great in this movie but I was surprised to see how much the bitch had grown up. I thought she was still 15. Apparently not. My bad.

The premise of War, Inc. is simply war as a business, sponsered by large corporations. The ending is fucked like most movie endings these days, but there are moments of great humor during it. (Moments, not minutes, but moments.) Movie lines like "cocksucking fez head" and such cracked me up. The tanks have company logos and ads, there are hotels with names like "Miami Bitch Hotel", etc. I recommend it for a good short 15 chuckles. The end is shitty and abrupt and could have been much better - one of those movies like most I've seen recently that just suddenly fucks off and stops. Movie making bastards should really pay attention, get "average" people to view them before releasing them so we can tell you whats fucked up with them. We are the ones that pay for your shit, start catering to US instead of yourselves.

"The Invisible" is a fairly decent movie. If I were 5 years younger, I would graciously allow Justin Chatwin, the main character, to fuck me twice. (Hell, I don't need to be 5 years younger, I was going for dramatic effect. (He was also in War of the Worlds, but sadly went by unnoticed by me in that movie.) I liked this movie more than most of the ones I've seen lately, but again, most movie endings are shitty these days as was this movies ending.

You'll watch these movies because I spoke of them. Male or female, tell me you dont want Justin to fuck the shit outta you. I dare ya.

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Anonymous said...

excuse me, but no woman is going to tell me what to watch. unless a blowjob is proffered during the celluloid diversion. oh, and popcorn.