Friday, November 21

Friday's Fucked Up Signs

As usual, I have found
yet more
fucked up signs.
Be amused people.
Be very amused.
I work extremely hard for your amusement.
Worship me
As you should.

Cant spell banana huh?

This one's for you Preston.

People shit too you know.

The Kaputs are..well...Kaput.

Helpful, aren't we?

Commando? Your mother knows.

Small children that aren't yours
are always extremely handy....

Take a tape measure....

No clue. Just do it.

As always, I'm still fucking brilliant.
I'll try to be here more often next week.
It's been a trying time
switching from the day shift
to the night shift.
I am now aclimatized.
Or kind of.
Fine, I'm working on it.
Be respectful and
Turn out the lights
when you leave.

1 Snappy Comebacks:

Captain Dick said...

I hope that sale on Ass fragrance is on again this X-mas.