Monday, November 17

Ass, Ass and More Ass....

You know how good I am at finding weird-ass shit.
Well, this shit is all about asses.
And it's weird.
So it fits my style perfectly.
~ ~ ~
Don't be an ASS
Leave a comment.
~ ~ ~
Get your ass moving..
people are lining up to see this
and your sorry ass is taking to fucking long.

Man chair for balls and ass.

Ass-Pie. Yum!

Blow it out your ass.

All right Kids...
Move your ass outta the way.
~ ~ ~
As always,
I'm fucking Brilliant.

6 Snappy Comebacks:

Needless To Say said...

The man chair is asstastic!

rd said...

my favorite was the crowd entering the oversized ass. suhweeet. oh, and the man chair was pretty fashion forward.

Dog Breath said...

Do they make a chaise lounge for the ladies when they lay on their tummy?

It would have to be adjustable.

They would need to make the ass section smaller and the ball dents deeper for old men.

Catherinette Singleton said...

That chair is hilarious. Wonder if they make a matching couch...

Preston said...

OMG I love this post! But then, what self-respecting gay man doesn't love ass? 'nuff said...

rusty said...

Yeah you are lmao! Curved yellow fruit is awesome! I used to wake up with cigarettes missing. I now know its the fish crawling out at night smoking them, fuckers!