Thursday, November 13

"What The Fuck" Saturday

I am in the process of switching from daytime work,
to working the overnight shift.
My hours are all fucked up
and as such,
my blog has suffered.
I hope you all will bear with me
and settle for more
Strange Photos
that make you say,
"What the fuck?"

and excessive use of the word fuck
are always welcome.
I'm STILL fucking brilliant!

5 Snappy Comebacks:

Poobomber said...

Dreadlocks look like a great way to trap rodents. They also look like a great place to hide bodies.

Diesel said...

The thing I don't get about that first pic is how that little tanktop is holding everything up. That thing has to be reinforced with steel cables or something.

Catherinette Singleton said...

I'm going to go ahead and say that those boobs in the first pic are NOT real.

Dog Breath said...

Oh come on Catherinette, those are real. Some girls have a lot.

She's 2 feet tall and weighs 42 pounds but those boobs are totally normal.

Those fuzzy body suits look uncomfortable.

Oh yes, Fuck.

rd said...

am i weird if i think the old drunk with the granny wig is the most bizarre?

and those boobs must be preparing for liftoff. oh, the humanity.