Sunday, November 9

What The Fuck Was I Thinking?

One day, and ONLY one day per year, I forget to be fucking brilliant and do something completely fucking stupid. So fucking stupid that I wonder how its possible that I have made it this far in life without being hit and killed by small children on tricycles and Big Wheels.

I expect and even command you to wallow in my despair and console me beyond what would normally be expected of just anyone. I, of course, am not just anyone. I am the QUEEN of the FUCKING UNIVERSE and I demand empathy, sympathy, and appropriate expletives from you all.

A quick summary:
1. My computer gets a virus.
2. My husband, Sparky, is a computer genious.
3. Sparky has me back up all necesary items from said PC.
4. On Wednesday, I ask Sparky for a blank DVD-RW to burn my photo album too, as it has more than 12,000 photos in it and won't fit on a CD at 3.9 gigs.
5. On Thursday, I delete all folders and files no longer needed and let him have at fixing the damn thing.
6. I might add that I work online and have a shitload of programs due to that.
7. Sparky spends all night Thursday and into the morning of Friday formating my PC and reinstalling all needed programs so that I can work as per usual on Friday morning. He's a genious. Everything in and running perfectly. (As are our other 10+ computers in the house.)
8. On Saturday, I decide its time to update my blog. I decide to grab a photo.
9. My moronic stupidity slaps me squarely in the face.
10. I only spoke about copying the photos, I never actually did it. Somehow my mind allowed me to assume since I had spoken about it, that I had done it as well.
11. 12,000 photos gone. Hundreds of hours of work on said photos. Graduations, weddings, holidays, babys, children, pets, travels, the lot. Gone. (I used to have a photography site, its my hobby, its a passion.)
12. My sorrow and loss is incomprehensible.

Sparky spent hours searching and found a program to recover files from an erased and newly formatted hard-drive. After 2 days of recovery, I have gotten back approximately 3000 photos. I will never have all back that I lost but some is better than none.

The British are brilliant. You all should marry one as well.

I shall be back tomorrow with my usual fucking brilliance, wit, and charm. Today I am wallowing in self-pity.

PS: A private thank-you to RD who unknowingly sent a wonderful email at just the perfect time, which cheered me up immensely. You are appreciated more than you know.

3 Snappy Comebacks:

Kirsten said...

Sorry for your computer issues! At least you have a husband who can help you out!

Kathy said...

OMG. That was painful to read. Really, really sorry.

Runs to backup photos on three computers....

Needless To Say said...

Man, I hate when that happens. My condolences.