Monday, September 28

Guzzles McNewbury, et al.

It has been 142 days since I posted a damn thing on this blog or any other (except for a quick hello to Jock 3 days ago).... and people still keep showing up via web searches for things related to fuck/fucking.

I am beginning to feel it is my civic duty as a good American, as an upright citizen, as a middle aged female, and as a prior Girl Scout and member of the boys high school tennis team, to feed the fuck-mad public demand that I created.

Therefore, I would like to formally announce my return to the blog world.
I'm still fucking brilliant and if you don't appreciate that -
Fuck off you Fat fucking bastards.

6 Snappy Comebacks:

Needless To Say said...


Sher said...

I can see I've been away too long. The proper response should have been "fucking YAY!!!!!!"

Now go back and try again.

Needless To Say said...

fucking YAY!!!!!!!!!


Sher said...

Fucking marvelous!!

jockamo said...

how fucking dare you call me fat.

Sher said...

I think you misinterpreted my meaning...I was speaking about your private garden region. I think. Or was I only thinking about it? Or possibly you called me names. Hmm. I may have forgotten to take my ginko.