Friday, October 17

Friday Breakfast - Sex Edibles

Its Friday.
Time to think about your sexual plans for this evening.
As a public service,
I am offering ideas on how to perk up
your boring, lame-ass sex life.
Surprise your partner and say MY name baby...
Say MY name.
(You know in the middle of sex later
you're gonna think of me and this blog, you know you will.)
I'm fucking brilliant you know.
You'll find sex/food ideas below.
Don't make me do all the work for fucks sake.
Get out there and be creative.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I believe most of these are photos are self-explanatory.
If by chance you are too fucking stupid to figure something out on your own,
ask for help.

The Penis Parsnip

The Penis Pepper

The Penis Potato

Join me tomorrow for brunch -
after all the sex you'll be having tonight,
you won't be here in time for breakfast.
Have a Great Fucking Friday - literally.

3 Snappy Comebacks:

Dr Zibbs said...

Excellent, excellent pictures!!

Anonymous said...

what? no chocolate vagina eclairs?

aunt jemima

Sassy said...

Thanks Dr. Z!

Aunt J - You want a bit much don't you think? Find me a chocolate prostate and I'll get you your chocolate vagina eclair.