Sunday, October 12

Sunday Breakfast

After I did my "Ode to Bacon" blog,
I started thinking about all the great shit I miss by not eating breakfast.
I have decided to share breakfast with all of you all week.
Because I'm nice.
Well today I am.
And because you all want me.
You know you do.
Why? Because I'm fucking Brilliant.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
My very favorite alcoholic breakfast beverage.
Only one for you, you greedy bastards.

Almond Bear Claws
Melt in your mouth perfection.
(Just like me.)
The Spanish Omelet
Spicy and tantalizing.
Just like me.
Huevos Rancheros

French Toast
Can't you smell it now?
Sweet, like me of course.
And for my Husband, the
Traditional English Breakfast
(With HP Sauce included)

I do know that Traditional English Breakfasts
are supposed to have fried bread and blood sausage.
This one doesnt.

I'm here all week folks. You may ogle me
and delight in my charm and wit for days to come.

2 Snappy Comebacks:

rd said...

wow! that's a lot of breakfast. i better stick with mine: zoloft and a high colonic.

Sassy said...
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