Wednesday, October 15

Wednesday - Closed For Breakfast

Sorry kids, I have the day off and I won't be playing with you or feeding you today.
The kitchen is closed.
Don't like it?
Fuck off then.
I shall leave you with two dogs, laughing at the man shown below them.
What the fuck was he thinking?

That just looks fucking painful.
Can you even reach your dick to aim it to piss or
do you just sort of hover over the toilet?
Never forget how fucking brilliant I am.

2 Snappy Comebacks:

rd said...

let's hope that massive hunk of weirdo is photoshopped. if not, well...we better shoot it, 'cause it's most likely one of them thar aliens...of the outerspace kind. not them thar other aliens, who are planning to take over our country...and make us listen to mariachi music as punishment.

Carol said...

This is too stupid for words.