Thursday, March 5

My Little Stud Muffin (My One Nice Day This Month)

I have always heard the stories about how wonderful being a grandparent is.
Well, let me tell you, the stories don't hold a candle to reality.

I don't have to worry about schedules.
I don't have to worry about naps.
We play or eat when we want to.
I'm not wondering if I'll be able to afford clothing, diapers, toys....
there is no stress over bills.

We simply play.
And smile.
And giggle.
And laugh.
And cuddle.
And play some more.

Grandmas are for treats and chocolate milk and noisy toys.
We are for messy foods, silly outfits, silly songs,
and lots of the"Noggin" Channel.
He makes me more patient, softer, more gentle, kinder and happier.
He doesnt care what I do, who I know, or what I think.
He just knows I'm grandma and I'm fun and safe and warm.
Life doesn't get any better than this.
Well hold on, it will.
My second grandchild is due in August.
Somedays, I can hardly wait!
Sometimes I think this little guy looks like Heath Ledger.
I must have said that out loud to people 100 times.
That was before I realized
that my little stud muffin
was born the very day that Heath died.
Photo Credits: Sher Hilliard Photography

3 Snappy Comebacks:

Angela said...

OMG, he does look like Heath!
Congratulations on the upcoming new arrival of grand baby #2! Do you know if you will have another stud muffin on your hands or a spice girl? Maegan said...

omg he's so effing cute!!!

junquedujour said...

your only responsibility as a grandparent is to keep them physically safe - everything else is fair game. Then you get to send them home with to their parents.
ah, the pleasures and paybacks in life - they are good, yes?