Thursday, October 23

Thursday's Animal Gratification, Etc.

One of my first posts was about a couple of moronic local guys caught doing scandalous animal deeds. (See HERE.) These same deeds have kept the local scandalmongers talking for years. I now get visits to my blog from people doing Google Searchs for "sheep fucking", "caught sheep fucking," and even one for "fish fucking." Let me give a shout-out to all you searchers looking for the proper techniques on how to go about slipping the little dick to those poor innocent creatures. Get a fucking blow up doll, stuffed animal, dead chicken, cantalope, fake pussy, jar of marshmellow cream, or even quite possibly a real live person and leave the fucking of farm animals to themsevles. Then again, while you're here, maybe you can answer the questions I asked in my original post?

The picture below is for these people so they can view what Normal sheep fucking is meant to look like. Twats.

Today, I have decided to continue to amuse myself with stupid shit I run across on the great internet highways and byways. Most of the following don't need description, although, as usual, I find that I simply must comment on a few. Enjoy my fucking brilliance will ya?

Goddamit be discipline ourselves already.
Whats wrong with you people?

Obviously the following looks like 1) a hard dick, 2) a seated female in the on-top sexual position, 3) the pregnancy that resulted from such position, and 4) the woman ultimately giving birth in a chair. Alas, I am utterly and completely wrong on this.

The following is from a bathroom in London, England.
(They murder the English language, don't they?)
Bloody Brits.

This following sign needs to be posted in front of my home.
The speed limit in my neighborhood is 15 mph - many many children.
The idiots here drive a minimum of 50 mph.
I'm not a huge fan of other peoples children,
but I really don't want or need a few dead ones
scattered around my front yard.
That would just be messy and a waste of my time.

Obviously Steven fucked up (with his small penis) big time.
Good job Emily!

Truth in advertising. About fucking time.

This one pretty much answers all the questions I have had
about Canada, wars, and their involvement or lack thereof.

Wouldn't you think cops would just follow this guy constantly?

This is for people who fear clowns. scary.

I'll be selling these on eBay. $5.00 each.

In case of death, clean the fuck up after yourself.

I'm not feeling very amusing today and I believe this shows in my work.
I will take sympathy comments or buckets of Margaritas,
which ever is easier for you.
I shall return tomorrow all sparkly and shiny and buttered.

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Catherinette Singleton said...

Hey, if you figure out how to get people to give you buckets of margaritas, you gotta share with me!